The Robotiq User Conference is an exclusive event for our key partners and manufacturing users from all over the world.

Practical info

Venues & Quebec City

RUC 2019 will take place in the heart of beautiful Quebec City, at the historic Voltigeurs de Québec Armoury. For more information on the venue, suggested accommodations, transportation options, and what to do in Quebec City, please see our Practical Info page.
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RUC media coverage

Check out what our guests had to say about last year’s RUC!

While many corporate events in the manufacturing industry focus on features and figures and lack hands-on experiences, Robotiq is one company that focuses their event on what engineers in the industrial robotics market really love to do: get up close and personal with a robot and get something running. Isaac Maw

RUC 2019 was a fantastic event to lean and practice the new Robotiq technology. This year I particularly enjoyed the tech track, the exercises were challenging, but in bite size bits to make it easier to grasp the new software tools and techniques. Great new application software for the UR, lovely city, first class organisation, hospitality and people. Andrew Mason

RARUK Automation Ltd.

The RUC was the best partner event I have ever attended and I cannot imagine a better experience. Matt Gonso

Allied Automation

The Robotiq User Conference is a great way for those interested in learning more about cobots to get hands-on experience with the robots, but more importantly, to see the next generation of cobot applications and where the industry is heading. In addition, you get to meet and chat with the leaders paving the way for robotics and collaborative applications. Keith Shaw

Editor-in-chief, Robotics Business Review


From the entire Robotiq family, a big thank you to our sponsors for helping us rock the RUC!